Non-Degree Programmes

Diploma in Adult Education

Diploma in adult education is an employee and employer friendly programme organised at legon during the long vacation. Each batch of students admitted on the sandwich programme study for two long vacation periods. The programme adopts a dual teaching mode.

This comprises eight weeks for intensive face-to-face teaching, revision and examinations between May and august every year and the distance mode, which involves series of project works and student-lecturer interactions.

The courses offered include:
Communication in Adult Education, Programme Planning Process, Principles of Adult Education, Introduction to Psychology, Adult Education and Society, Research Methods, Management of Adult Education, Theory and Practice of Community Development, Programme Management, Evaluation of Adult Education Programmes, Adult Education and Teaching, Gender and Development, Guidance and Counseling, Population and  Environment, Open Learning and Principles and Methods of Functional Literacy.

Diploma In Youth Development Work (Commonwealth Youth Programme)

The programme runs for four semesters (two academic years). There are currently 14 modules and a project work. The student will do most of the learning at home but he/she will be supported by various means to learn, such as regular face-to-face tutorial sessions.

The core modules in the diploma programmes are: Learning Processes, Young and Society, Principles and practice of youth in Development Work, Working with People in Their Communities, Gender and Development Work, Management Skills, Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Policy, Planning and Implementation, Conflict Resolution Strategies and Skills, Promoting Enterprise and Economic Development and Environmental Issues and Introduction to Methodology of Social Investigation.