Sunyani Learning Centre

DR. EVELYN KISSI is an African tri-citizen, Black Disability and Transnational scholar of Ghana, Nigeria and Canada. Dr. Kissi is the Coordinator of Sunyani Learning Centre. Dr. Kissi interdisciplinary research interests intersect with Black Critical Disability, Transnational Studies, Black Global Health, and Lifespan Studies and Education. Dr. Kissi has worked in North America, Africa and Europe with not-for-profit organizations, women groups, education institutions, and disability advocacy groups. She completed her doctorate degree in Critical Disability Studies (CDS) at York University, Canada. Her PhD contributes to the construct of disablement––particularly how it functions to support systemic oppression creating Black Madness. Her MA also in CDS focused on the different disabling structures that Black Educators/Teachers encounter in the field of Early Childhood Education.